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China Airlines Corporate Reward Program

China Airlines Corporate Reward Program is a bonus award program especially designed for corporates that choose China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines as their preferred carriers for business and leisure travel. All corporate members can earn points based on ticket net value when their employees fly China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines self-operated international flight and then redeem points for exclusive benefits such as class upgrade award, award ticket and Corporate Flyer Card (CFC). If the employees of corporate members are also members of Dynasty Flyer Program, they can also earn miles into their individual membership account.

Terms and conditions

1. Each company can only have one corporate account, and use this account to accumulate its own flown revenue.

2. Ticket net value will be calculated twice a year; the first period is from January to June and the second period is from July to December. If CRP member does not reach the following flown revenue in any period, the membership will be cancelled without prior notice: (1) The flown revenue TWD 300,000 or equivalent amount in US dollars for the CRP member in Taiwan Area. Or, (2) The flown revenue TWD 100,000 or equivalent amount in US dollars for the CRP member outside of Taiwan. Upon the end date of the first calculation period, if the membership is shorter than six months after enrollment, membership can still be renewed if flown revenue accumulated is less than afore-said amount. After the renewal, flown revenue accumulated of the period should reach afore-said amount for another membership renewal.

3. When purchasing ticket for flights of China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, please input corporate membership number correctly to ensure ticket net value can be successfully accumulated. If the membership number is not input correctly, no ticket net value will be accumulated and the value cannot be claimed retroactively.

4. To ensure the legitimacy of ticket net value accumulation, all corporate members should cooperate with China Airlines for non-scheduled examination. Upon examination, corporate members should provide:

  1. a. A valid identification document.
  2. b. Proof that payment of ticket purchase is done by corporate member.
  3. c. Other relevant verification documents.

*The right of award redemption will be suspended for CRP members that fail to follow auditing regulations and process.

5. The corporate account, password and online behavior are limited to authorized personnel only. China Airlines is not responsible for any lost related to award redemption and utilization due to malicious behavior done by authorized or unauthorized personnel. If the illegal behavior causes any loss of China Airlines, the corporate members as well as related personnel should be responsible for compensation.

6. If corporate members violate the regulation of Corporate Reward Program or provide false information, China Airlines will terminate the membership and cancel all accumulated ticket net value, points and awards earned or redeemed illegally. China Airlines also reserves the right to take legal action against any violation to the above regulation.

7. Flown revenue equals to the ticket's net fare in which all travel agency commissions, credit card commissions, taxes and fees for other airlines are deducted. For flown revenue calculation, the following kinds of tickets are excluded: tickets sold at discounts of 50% or more, free ticket, award ticket, child ticket, infant ticket, group ticket, promotional ticket, specified booking class ticket, labor ticket, charter ticket, barter ticket, excess baggage ticket, and airline and travel industry discount tickets.

8. China Airlines reserves the right to revise or cancel the bonus award program without prior notice.